For All El Pasoans

Learn about how we're building a Sun City for all El Pasoans.

Why we're here

El Paso is growing. Fast. Beto O'Rourke's bid for the Senate in 2018 brought El Paso into the national spotlight. And now, with Veronica Escobar representing us in the House during the Trump era, El Paso is a counter-narrative to the president's characterizations of the border and our neighbors to the South. 

We're here to share our city with the nation. We're here to spread Democratic values across the border. We're here to ensure that, no matter what side of the border you come from, El Paso is your city. We're here for you, for all El Pasoans.

For all El Pasoans

We’ve thought long and hard about what we want our county to know about their Party. We fight for a lot of different things every single day and no one issue is more important than the other. In El Paso, while we don’t always agree with one another, we understand that when one of us falls, we all fall. Our community was built on cooperation and continues to stay strong because we stand together. That’s why we’re introducing our 2019 message: For All El Pasoans.


As we look to the future, we want all El Pasoans to know that regardless of who you are, who you love, what side of town you live on, what religion you practice or don’t, what side of the border you come from, or who you voted for, we’re fighting for you.


We’re fighting to make healthcare for all El Pasoans a reality.

We’re fighting to make affordable education for all El Pasoans a reality.

We’re fighting to make fair taxes for all El Pasoans a reality.

We’re fighting to make community investment for all El Pasoans a reality.

We’re fighting to make representation for all El Pasoans a reality.


That’s who El Paso Democrats are: fighters for all the people.

Equal opportunity for all

Rewarding honest work through a fair tax system

Giving our children a quality education

Citizens have a right to privacy and security 

The separation of church and state

A morally, economically, and militarily strong United States 

Supporting laws that protect our environment and tackling climate change

Comprehensive, humane, and morally good immigration reform 

Trump's policies are not good for our county.

The El Paso Democratic Party and the national Democratic Party offer a better way for our country. We resist because we know America deserves better.

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